The first two weeks of term with an opt-out lecture recording policy have been incredible.  Here are some headlines and highlights:

  • A fivefold increase in recorded lectures in Week 1
  • A 95% success rate  (scheduling, audio quality)
  • A continuous improvement mindset which has addressed problems as soon as the occur and prevent reocurrence (mic levels and positioning, video)
  • High levels of academic staff engagment with the service, development sessions and those who support the project

With continuous improvement in mind and the desire to sustain and build upon such a strong start we are looking ahead to he next steps.  Martin King, Senior Learning Technologist prepared a slideshow, initially for the project board but relevant to all stakeholders, on the priorities, pedagogies and possibilities of RePlay (Panopto) and the lecture recording project.

We will shortly publish a series of blog posts of the various examples and case studies referred to in the slides.


Posted by Martin King

Senior Learning Technologist; MOOC Producer; Moodle, Turnitin, Grademark, Peermark, Panopto, Turning Technologies expert.

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